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Me in a Nutshell
May 7, 2009, 11:00 pm
Filed under: Randomness

Wait, how did I get in this nutshell?  Oh well, better than a hand-basket I suppose.

1. I live in Colorado.

Well no, not right there, but I love the mountains.

2. I have a wonderful husband who will henceforth be referred to as CodeMonkey. 

He’s an awesome web designer/web developer/graphic designer.  If you need a website go here.  If you don’t get the CodeMonkey reference go here (Warning: Lyrics of some songs including Code Monkey may not be safe for work, small children, or the general public).

3. The prima donna on the back of CodeMonkey’s chair is our kitty, Shrub.  Her favorite pastimes are helping her daddy with his Very Important Work:

And skillfully stalking the wily Wild Milk Ring:

4. I’m a big history dork and have a background in living history museums.

Pardon the frumpiness – 1890s clothes aren’t the most flattering, but boy are they better than 1830s.  No, you don’t get to see me in 1830s clothes yet – it’s entirely too early in the blog for that degree of frumpiness.

5. Despite my love of history museums, I currently work at a library.  I love books too so it’s all good.

6. I also love yarn.

I knit, spin, and dye so there will probably be a fair amount of yarny goodness on this blog.

7. I sell my creations in my Etsy Shop – Sheared Bliss Fibers

8. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, sewing, swing dancing, and more so don’t worry, it won’t be all about yarn.

9. Completely gratuitous lamby cuteness:

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