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WiP Wednesday
May 13, 2009, 10:55 pm
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(That’s “Work in Progress” for any of you non-knitters out there)

I’ll warn you right now that I have knitting ADD.  I start lots of things.  I don’t necessarily finish them.  I may put them down for a really long time and then pick them up again – or not.  I have lots of projects on the needles at the same time.  That being said, you may see things here that you never actually see as a finished project.  But then again, sometimes I do actually finish things.

One of the things I have on the needles right now is a basic, toe-up, short -row-heel sock.  I started it because I needed something small, portable, and patternless.  My other main project right now is none of these things – it’s big, involves multiple balls of yarn, requires me to look at the pattern, and can take up to an hour to finish one row.  Oy.  So clearly, some purse-sized knitting was in order.  I mostly work on it during my lunch break at work.  I usually only have time to crank out a few rows so it’s progressing slowly, but fairly steadily.  I’ve turned the heel on the first sock and I’m chugging along on the cuff.  This will be the first pair of socks I’ve finished in quite a while and I have great hopes that they’ll actually get finished in a fairly timely manner.  I’ve discovered that plain socks really are the perfect lunch knitting (and elicit some pretty hilarious comments from my coworkers) so watch this space for more (until, you know, the ADD kicks in).

Poison dart frog chillin on the balcony

Poison dart frog sock chillin' on the balcony

Poison dart frog sock - side elevation

Poison dart frog sock - side elevation

Poison dart frog sock - top elevation

Poison dart frog sock - top elevation

Please excuse the pasty, white legs.

The yarn is Opal in colorway 1192 (which may be discontinued – I didn’t see it on their website).  I’m not a fan of numbered colorways so I’ve decided to call it Poison Dart Frog.  Why? 
Froggie picture from

Froggie picture from


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