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Polygamy Loves Company
May 29, 2009, 11:28 pm
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I’ve just started watching the first season of Big Loveon DVD and it’s fascinating.  The IMDB description of this show: “Big Love centres around a polygamist (Bill Paxton) and his relationship with the three wives, all whom he is married to.”  Ok, apart from the fact that that sentence makes no grammatical sense, that’s basically what it’s about.  One husband, three wives – not nearly as awesome as most guys would think, but darn entertaining.

So, since I’ve got Mormons on the brain, here are two unrelated, but entertaining stories about Mormons or the lack there of. 

(Yes, I know, most Mormons aren’t polygamists and the polygamists in the show aren’t actually practicing Mormons, but it takes place in Salt Lake City and many of the characters are LDS or FLDS)

1. Several years ago when I was interning at the museum we had a lamb that was being bottle fed.  While it’s difficult to buy sheep’s milk, it’s pretty easy to buy goat’s milk so that’s what we used.  And we used a lot of it.  Andy, the lamb, was a hungry little fellow so museum staff was always having to run to the store for more goat’s milk.  When you wear historic costume all day you get to a point where you either don’t remember or don’t care that you’re dressed funny so many of these goat’s milk runs were made by people in 1860s costumes.  One day it was Farmer V’s turn to run over to the store for more of the white stuff.  When Farmer V got up to the check out line with his armload of goat’s milk the cashier was obviously a little confused.  She looked at the man in his funny clothes and bushy beard, looked at the many quarts of goat’s milk, summoned up all her courage, and asked, “Are you Mormon or something?”  Farmer V was taken aback, but replied politely, “Yes, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.”  Still not sure what buying goat’s milk and wearing funny clothes has to do with being Mormon.

2. This evening Coworker T threw a party for Coworker S who’s leaving the library.  Earlier this week I asked Coworker T if there was anything I could bring.

Me: Is there anything I can bring?

Coworker T: Nope, lots of people are bringing stuff, we’re all set.

Me: Cool!  So, five-ish, right?

Coworker T: Yeah, just come on over, I’m making margari . . . um, whoops.  You’re Mormon, aren’t you?

Me: Noooo . . .

Coworker T: Really?

Me: Yup, really.

Coworker T: Huh, for some reason I thought you were.  I was going say that I’ll have 7up too, but I guess you can have a margarita.

Apparently I give off a Mormon vibe or something.  Hopefully I dispelled that rumor with my public consumption of a delicious margarita ; )

Now it’s time for bed because I have a big weekend of house cleaning ahead of me.  We’re having a special guest next week at Chez Bliss.  Stay tuned to find out who!


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Ooh, I can’t wait to find out who it is!
I hope it’s not one of my many other wives…

Comment by CodeMonkey

Maybe the clerk is an incomer from Pennsylvania or Ohio, and thought Farmer V was Amish? Or she was just confused…

Comment by cathairinmyknitting

I’m gonna go with just confused. I think she meant Amish, but if she was from Pennsylvania or Ohio she would have known that she meant Amish and not Mormon. Of course, she could have been from Utah and thought FarmerV was FLDS or something . . .

Comment by shearedbliss

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