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June 5, 2009, 8:50 pm
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. . . MommaBliss!

So, yeah.  Apologies for the radio-silence this week – moms can be so distracting.  We haven’t seen eachother since Christmas so we made good use of our five days together.  We talked and cooked and ate and sewed and gardened and went to the chiropractor (because that’s how we roll).

We had a lot of fun and I am now the proud owner of a fridge full of leftovers (mmm . . . squash . . . ), a more sturdily hemmed 1860s dress (it’s my lighter weight one – summer’s here!), bedroom curtains that are both the same length (um, yeah, there was a small failure to read the packaging when purchasing said curtians so they’ve been different lengths for about six months now) and several new additions to my pot garden.

Hanging to the right we have a lovely hanging basket designed by MommaBliss herself.  There’s a coleus in the center surrounded by impatiens and creeping jenny hanging over the edges.

On the floor in the corner are a few more impatiens.  When I was little I thought they were called impatients and I always wondered what they were so impatient about . . . I think these are impatient to hurry up and grow so they fill up the pot and stop looking so dinky.  Grow, little flowers, grow!

And finally, hanging to the left, as seen on TV, it’s an upside down tomato!

I think Sarah and I should have a tomato-off!

The flowers are my birthday flowers from my parents (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) and the tomato is because I’m dying to see if I can grow one here (I have the power of the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter on my side and a swing arm for maximum sun exposure, so we’ll see).

All in all a good week.  Hope yours was good too!


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You may just win the tomato off…for the simple reason that your’s is OUTSIDE. Haha. Bought some “heirloom miracle grow” for the 3 sister’s garden at work. We’ll see if I can revive it.

Comment by sarahstephens

“Heirloom Miracle Grow”? Somehow that seems like a contradiction in terms. What is it, ye olde thyme fertilizer? Grandma’s antique fertilizer recipe? You’ll have to let me know how that goes.

PS: My tomato says “Bring it!”

Comment by shearedbliss

[…] are feeling little insecure that my tomato is totally kicking their tomato’s butt in the Great Tomato-off.  Rather than simply admit that my tomato is superior to their tomato, Some People have to get all […]

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