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Whirlwind of Fun

The past few days have been a fun whirlwind of a visit from the VeganNinja.  She’s a Gemini too, so we enjoyed spending time together celebrating our birthdays.

On Wednesday when she arrived we headed straight to dinner at WaterCoursewith NurseK.  CodeMonkey graciously acted as chauffeur and photographer.

VeganNinja, NurseK, and me at WaterCourse

VeganNinja, NurseK, and me at WaterCourse


For anyone who hasn’t been there, the food is amazing.  So amazing that the VeganNinja kept stealing my fries.

After dinner we headed to the Mercury Cafe for some dancing.  The theme for the night was Prom so the whole place was decked out in crepe paper and streamers and several people actually came in tuxes and evening gowns.  We had a great time dancing and an even better time playing with the balloons.

Balloon Fight!

Balloon Fight!


I guess Footloose was right . . .

I guess Footloose was right . . .


On Thursday we headed up to Boulder for the day.  First stop – Celestial Seasonings where we did some tea shots and had fun being the bad kids on the tour.

Chug chug chug!

Chug chug chug!


After the tea extravaganza, we decided to head over to Redstone Meadery for their tour and tasting.  Unfortunately, we got slightly sidetracked by a flat tire, met some very nice young men from the car repair shop next to the meadery who gallantly put the spare on (thanks guys!), and spent the next several hours obtaining a new tire for Sue (my car).  While Sue chilled at the tire shop, the VeganNinja and I explored a used bookstore.

Next stop was the Dushanbe Teahouse.  This is an absolute must see in Boulder – amazing architecture, amazing garden, amazing food.  It was exactly the pick-me-up we needed after the trials and tribulations of car repair.

We were torn between sitting outside and sitting inside, wouldn’t you be?

Inside Dushanbe

Inside Dushanbe


Outside Dushanbe

Outside Dushanbe


We ended up inside near a lovely sculpture fountain.

VeganNinja played hostess and we enjoyed some delicious food and some refreshing tea.

Following tea, we took advantage of a break in the clouds to do a little hiking at Chautauqua.

After our hike it was time for some shopping on the Pearl Street Mall and then dinner at Sunflower.

Friday we headed to the Denver Zoo.  Apart from being a nice zoo overall, they also have the BEST bathrooms in the world.  No, seriously.  Not only are they clean and spacious, but they’re beautifully decorated.  The floor is a mosaic depicting various animals and each stall door is decorated with an animal picture.  The giggles start though when you enter a stall and realize that the backof the stall door also has an animal picture on it – the rear elevation, shall we say.  I was treated to a baboon’s behind.  While you’re sitting there admiring the rear end of your chosen animal you also get to enjoy the soundtrack.  That’s right, the bathroom has a soundtrack.  You have to imagine this in a very cultured British woman’s voice . . .

“Birds go both number one and number two at the same time from a hole called their cloaca . . .”

Um, there was more and I’m sure it was highly educational, but I was too busy giggling to remember any of it.  Yeah, I’m twelve, poop is funny.

I was sad to see the VeganNinja go, but I must admit that I was starting to feel a little bit like this sun bear:

Today I got things done around the apartment including several large cooking projects.  I also got a little much-needed rest because tomorrow I’m off for another adventure!


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You got to see more bears than I did in Canada this past week. AuntieCodeMonkey was really disappointed that she didn’t get to see a “bar.” All I saw was a bear butt as it disappeared into the trees. Saw other wildlife, however.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

Bear butt! Hehe! Was it a bare bear butt?

Comment by shearedbliss

Actually, it was pretty furry. And black.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

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