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With a Loud BOOMING Sound!
July 5, 2009, 8:42 pm
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Happy Fourth of July!  CodeMonkey’s parents came to visit us for the holiday.  MommaCodeMonkey and I knit while CodeMonkey and his dad did . . . um . . . boy things.  I’m pretty sure there was some messing around with the computer involved.  Can you tell I wasn’t really paying attention?  Anyway, the indoctrination of MommaCodeMonkey is going nicely and she has progressed from knitting dish rags to starting her very first felted bag.  I’m so proud. 

Even my knitting is patriotic. More about that later . . .

Our plan was to have a picnic, but it rained most of the day so we ended up having an inside picnic at our apartment.  We were thinking that we’d probably have to resign ourselves to watching fireworks on TV, but after dinner the rain obligingly stopped so we headed out to see the local fireworks display.  We snagged a spot on the grass and spent the time until dark visiting, knitting, reading Moby Dick (CodeMonkey is on a classics kick in his choice of reading material), and drinking coffee (it was COLD).


Speaking of fireworks . . .  Several years ago CodeMonkey and I were at a fireworks display in Cincinnati (pretty darn spectacular – they shoot fireworks off barges and bridges on the Ohio river).  Sitting behind us was a small child who was VERY impressed with the fireworks.  Every time a firework went off this child would exclaim “It looks like a pretty pretty angel of Goooood – except with a loud BOOMING sound!”  Every.  Single.  Time.  Cincinnati has a VERY long fireworks display.  We were pretty much ready to explode from trying not to laugh by the end of it. 

I hope you all enjoyed the pretty pretty angels of Gooooood last night ; )


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