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Knit Your Bit

It’s WiP Wednesday.  Are you knitting your bit?

I just love vintage propaganda posters.

My current WiP (Not the Poison Dart Frog Socks.  Those are three quarters of the way done and going slowly because they’re my lunch knitting and it’s hard to turn a heel while eating.) is something a bit unusual for me on a couple of levels – it’s both charitable and patriotic.

I don’t do a lot of charity knitting.  I like the idea of it and I admire people who do it and occasionally a cause even catches my attention and I think that it would be nice to knit something for this charity or that, but most of the time I’m just too busy knitting other things.

I’m also not terribly patriotic – at least not in a flag-waving, song-singing kinda way.  I mean I vote, but I don’t have a yellow ribbon decal on my car.  I’m proud of America and I think we’ve got some great things going for us, but I also think we should acknowledge our shortcomings and try to improve them. 

However, I am unequivocally proud of one of my coworkers – let’s call him Soldier D.  Solder D is in the National Guard and has recently been deployed.  He was very much liked at work and is sorely missed so we’re doing our best to make sure he’s well supplied with care packages.  So far we’ve sent him all kinds of reading materials, movies, music, snacks, and one pretty phenomenal t-shirt with librarian lipstick kisses on it.  Right now Soldier D is in Kuwait where the heat is brutal, however, we’ve been told that it can get quite chilly in the winter in the Middle East.  As the knitter in my group of work friends, I have been nominated to make Soldier D a helmet liner.

Helmet liner in progress.

Pattern: “Helmet Liner” from Citizen SAM

Yarn: A couple of leftover bits of Patons Classic Wool in taupe and chestnut brown

The pattern is fairly straightforward and I’m trying to follow it to the letter because they make a big deal about how exact gauge is important and if it doesn’t fit perfectly it’s useless.  The two colors of yarn are pretty darn close, but in natural light it’s obvious that they’re not the same.  I know Soldier D won’t care, but care so I’ve been alternating colors every row.  It’s actually given it a very nice heathered look making it a little more interesting to knit despite its brown utilitarian-ness. 

I can’t say that I’m going to rush out and knit this again, but it’s been a fairly quick knit and not too boring.  I’m glad to be able to do something to help out Soldier D, I hope he finds it useful, and if I ever get a burning urge to do more charity knitting I could crank out some of these for Operation Helmetliner.


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I love, love, LOVE the poster!! I fight hard for respect as a modern professional nurse, but I still get a kick out of the old Red Cross posters.
Also, your charity knitting is much more fun than knitting for a finicky man with allergies.

Comment by NurseK

Isn’t that a great poster? Love vintage propaganda. Just need to do the face ribbing now and sew in the ends . . .

Comment by shearedbliss

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