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Enough Already
July 17, 2009, 10:15 pm
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Ok, I was all set to write another cute post about how the second bat got out of the fireplace and was safely released into the wild this morning, but it’s pretty much ceased to be amusing anymore. 

Last night – Realize bat two (the dumb bat) is still in the fireplace.  Try to coax it out unsuccessfully.

This morning – Bat two comes out and we capture it in a basket.  CodeMonkey has to go to a meeting so I spend the morning on the phone with animal control, the county health department, a wildlife rescue organization, apartment management, NurseK, and my mommy (because sometimes a girl just needs moral support).  NurseK comes over to help with bat wrangling (we decided two pairs of hands were a good idea).  After repeatedly reassuring multiple people at both animal control and the health department that no humans or domesticated animals had come into direct contact with the bat and politely but firmly pitching a fit to our apartment management insisting that they immediately fix whatever hole is allowing the bats access to our fireplace, I had a very informative conversation with the nice man at the animal rescue place (Did you know bats can go into a torpor at will to conserve energy if they’re in a situation where they can’t eat or drink?).  Following his advice, NurseK and I successfully returned the bat to the wild.  I suited up in my protective bat wrangling gear (a hoodie and gardening gloves), carried the basket o’ bat to a wooded area, and released the bat into a cottonwood tree (not sure why, but cottonwoods are preferable and pines are no good at all).

Yay!  Happy ending, right?  Wrong.

Tonight – Shrub was still paying an inordinate amount of attention to the fireplace and, when I came near, I could hear the telltale high pitched squeaking.  Another bat.  This is getting increasingly less cute.  Especially now that we’ve realized that we not only have bat number three in the fireplace, but also bat number four. 

Pardon me while I go compose a strongly worded email to our apartment management.

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Oh, no! I thought the story was over, too. Perhaps they aren’t really bats number 3 and 4. They may be bats number 1 and 2 returned to what they thought was a good nesting area. Sounds like the apartment management needs to hire an exterminator (removal) and fix your fireplace. Wow! Yuck!

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

What she didn’t mention is the side effect of chimney bats, which is that Shrub comes in to tell me there are things squeaking in the fireplace, repeatedly, over night. No rest for the weary…

Comment by CodeMonkey

Sounds like the apartment management is going to owe you for lost sleep and subsequently lost productivity time. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring to their attention, since they want you to pay rent. Check your lease to find out what it says about prompt attention to fixing problems.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

Maybe I have bats too and that is why Dexter is so annoying. Wait, no. Though I might go check the fireplace. Hopefully the bat problem is taken care of soon!!

Comment by sarahstephens

Are they still there? I don’t think I would sleep at all in your circumstances. Watching “Batman Returns” over and over never prepared me for actual bat wrangling. Good luck!

Comment by NurseK

What an adventure. I can see why it ceased to be cute anymore. That would have really freaked me out. I definitely would have checked into the Sheraton until it was gone. Call me chicken!

Comment by Liz

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