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Tomato Trouble
July 21, 2009, 10:21 pm
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I am sad to report that all is not well in tomato land.

The beautiful green fruit appear to be suffering from blossom-end rot.  I’ve decided to try a folk remedy that I’ve heard good reports about.  Supposedly blossom-end rot is a result of calcium deficiency.  One could go to the garden center and buy some kind of fancy calcium supplement for the soil, but I only have one little tomato plant here so I figure I only need a little bit of calcium.  I popped out to the local Walgreen’s and found myself confronted with a question one doesn’t often face when buying gardening supplies – would my tomato prefer assorted berry or assorted fruit flavor?

Yup, Tums.  Hey, it’s calcium, it’s cheap, and I’ve heard that it works.  I cut off the rotten tomato then crushed up the Tums, dissolved them in water, and watered the tomato with it.  Hopefully I caught it in time to save the rest of the tomatoes.

*     *     *

The superstitious part of me doesn’t want to post this, but for those of you following the bat saga we seem to be bat free.  Quick, everybody knock on wood!  On Saturday morning I hand delivered my strongly worded letter and photographic evidence to the property manager who promptly flipped out.  She claimed to have no knowledge that this had been going on, called Terminex immediately (they apparently have a sub-contractor who deals with bats), and promised that it would be dealt with first thing Monday morning.  At 9:00 Monday morning we were graced with the presence of the head of maintenance for the complex, Terminex’s bat guy, and roofer.  They found a hole big enough for the roofer to fit most of his hand in, determined that it did not appear to currently contain bats, and repaired it.  This is the fourth night with no bat noises so we’re cautiously optimistic.  Hooray!

Bat.  Outside.  Where its SUPPOSED to be.

Bat. Outside. Where it's SUPPOSED to be.

 PS: I went with assorted berry.


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