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I have a confession to make.  I’m a Rennie.  No, not that kind of Rennie – I bathe regularly, most of my wardrobe is not Renaissance inspired, and I have never washed dishes in the shower.  However, back in high school NurseK, CodeMonkey, and I all worked at the Renaissance Festival.  In fact, that’s where CodeMonkey and I met, so we have a certain fondness for the place and try to go every summer.

See that food booth right behind us?  Thats where we met nine years ago.

See that food booth right behind us? That's where we met nine years ago.

What’s not to like.  There’s knights in shiny armor . . .

. . . lusty wenches . . .

. . . people doing potentially unwise things with fire . . .

. . . audience participation (willing or no) . . .

. . . and there’s always great fodder for people watching.

Take a close look at bottle on the stroller . . .

Take a close look at the bottle on the stroller. See it? Epic parenting fail!

Since we’ve been to the festival so many times, we’re fairly familiar with most of the various performers and vendors, but there’s always something new to discover.  This time it was a gentleman who was selling stone tools and demonstrating the flint knapping technique he used to make them.

CodeMonkey and NurseK were very patient and waited while I indulged my inner dork by watching him make a Clovis-style blade all the way from chunk o’ rock to finished knife blade.  He even gave me the blade when he was done.

Overall it was a great day and much fun was had by all.  Perhaps too much fun in some cases . . .

Perhaps too much fun . . .


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Hm, we should have asked NurseK to take a second picture – I look angry or something. Oh well. My anti-photogenic-ness strikes again…

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