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My Weekend In Food
September 13, 2009, 9:43 pm
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Months ago, my friend Lulu suggested that we sign up for a class at the Culinary School of the Rockies together. We signed up for one on curries then promptly forgot about it. Suddenly the class was upon us so Lulu and I headed up to Boulder this past Thursday.

The class was presented by both the Culinary School of the Rockies and Savory Spice Shop and was fun, informative, and tasty. There were spices to see, smell, and taste.

There was an interesting lecture about the history and culture of curry, modern uses of spices in different types of curries, and tips for making curry at home. Then of course we got to taste some different curries.

Clockwise from top – Shahi Sabz Korma (braised vegetables in cardamom nut sauce), Thai Cocount Curry Mussels, Molaghashyam (dahl with coconut milk), and Pork Vindaloo.

Saturday was spent at the museum doing interesting things with tomatoes. It’s nearly the end of the season for the garden so it’s time to use up the remaining produce before the first frost. The green tomatoes went into a green tomato chutney.

I failed to bring the recipe home with me, but it’s got green tomatoes, apples, celery, onion, garlic, ginger, raisins, brown sugar, vinegar, and spices in it. Cook it a bunch then can it.

We also made tomato jam with the ripe tomatoes. This recipe is from the Presbyterian Cookbook by the First Presbyterian Church, Dayton Ohio 1873.


Take one half pound of sugar to one pound of tomatoes; put together in a stone jar and let stand twenty-four hours; then take off the juice and strain it. Put it in a porcelain kettle; bring to a boil, and skum; then put in the tomatoes with a handful of stick cinnamon tied in a cloth; stir all the time. About ten minutes before removing from the fire, take out the cinnamon and add one teacupful of good vinegar to one gallon of jam. Boil until the jelly will not separate.

The tomato jam is in the pot over the fire. In the dutch oven on the right are biscuits and in the skillet on the left are fried green tomatoes. Those along with some jam and tomato and cucumber salad made a very tasty lunch.

Today was baking day – cranberry pecan chocolate chip cookies and blueberry lemon balm scones. The cookies were based on this recipe and the scones on this one.


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Pretty much broke out in hives and swelled up just reading about the curry. Ha.

Comment by sarahstephens

No curry for you!

Comment by shearedbliss

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