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Shrub On The Box
September 19, 2009, 9:37 am
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So I know I’ve been a little quite about what’s going on around Chez Bliss lately.  Rest assured though that there’s been A LOT going on.  What, you ask?  I’ll give you a hint.

More to come later, but for now I’m off to buy shelf liners, downspouts, and window blinds.


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“There’s something going on here that involves getting in the car, and I don’t like it one bit!” thought Shrub.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

“There’s something going on that involves lots of vacuuming,” thought Nurse K.

Comment by NurseK

Love it! YAY!!!!

Comment by sarahstephens

Hmmmm…Sounds like you may have bought a house. Have you moved in already? When do we get to see pictures? Congratulations! Soon you will be able to shop Home Depot blindfolded. Welcome to the Money Pit Club.

Comment by Julie

Amazingly, most of what was in this picture fit into the back of “Grandma’s” car over many trips. Shrub, however, moved with Daddy and “Grandpa” in the truck. I told you she wouldn’t like it!

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

Heh, she’s officially returned to her normal, pain-in-the-butt self this morning so I think she has recovered from the trauma. I had to chase her off the kitchen table three times before I left for work. Must find the spray bottle soon . . .

Comment by shearedbliss

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