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An Echo in the Bone

As some of you may be aware, yesterday was the release date for An Echo in the Bone – the much anticipated and anxiously awaited latest installment in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Now, working at a library I rarely buy books – I only buy books that I know I will read more than once or books that I will use as reference – cook books, craft books, history books, etc.  The Outlander books definitely get read more than once and I usually buy them shortly after they come out.  For this particular one, however, it was important to buy it immediately.  Why?  Because Diana was speaking and signing books at the Tattered Cover tonight.  So to that end, I got to the store an hour before they opened yesterday morning and succeeded in scoring copies of the book and reasonable spots in line for the signing.  Tonight it was NurseK’s turn.  She got to the store early and held down our spot in line until I could get there from work.  Now, some people (the uninitiated) have expressed skepticism over just how many people would turn out to see the author of some crazy historical fiction/time travel/romance novels.  Here’s the line waiting to be seated:

Doesn’t look too bad?  Look back into all of the nooks and crannies.  Here’s the crowd after they let everyone sit down:

There were around three hundred chairs – all full – and lots of people standing at the back.

After securing our seats, NurseK and I relaxed and knit.

Hey, look at that, an actual WiP on WiP Wednesday.  Yes, it’s still the Poison Dart Frog Socks.  Yes, I’m boring.  What can I say – it’s the most portable WiP I have right now and the only one that’s not a gift.

Diana gave a lovely talk and read a bit from Echo.

Then she signed . . .

. . . and signed, and signed, and may in fact still be signing as I type this.  NurseK and I were numbers 45 and 46 in line and got out of there by 8:45, but there were at least 375 books sold for this event.  I’ll find out tomorrow from CoworkerL just how late it went because she was there working and was staying until the bitter end.

All in all a very enjoyable evening and a much needed break from the cleaning/fixing/packing/moving frenzy that my life has been lately.  I don’t have a good picture of me with Diana because, although NurseK has many outstanding qualities, photography is not one of them (in her defense, the lighting was terrible in there).  I do however have this:

Diana: (signing book) “Slainte” – that means to your good health in Gaelic.
Me: Thanks!  I have a slightly bizarre request.  Will you take a picture with my sock?
Diana: (puzzled and slightly worried look)
Me: (hands her sock in progress)
Diana: OH!  You’re knitting it.  My daughter knits socks all the time.

I attribute her smile in the picture (as opposed to a look of horrified confusion) to the fact that she’s related to a knitter.


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I can take pictures fine with an analog camera. 🙂 Just don’t ask me to use digital. (Someone bought me one and I broke it before ever taking a picture.)

Comment by Nurse K

That’s ok, I love you anyway. Someday we’ll nudge you into the digital age . . . 😉

Comment by shearedbliss

Great post. We got home to the Springs at 12:05 am. It ran LATE!

Comment by Leslie

LOL, I’m thinking she thought you’d take a sock off your foot and have her pose with it at first! Key phrase next time ‘..sock I’m knitting.’

Comment by knittinfiasco

I’m just wondering how many knitters are going to have to ambush her before she begins to expect this. I know there were at least two of us at the Denver signing.

Comment by shearedbliss

Oh, she’ll be expecting it now. I wrote her about the origin of this oddity (Yarn Harlot) in an e-mail today. I had written about something I noticed in Echo, & she replied! 🙂

Comment by knittinfiasco

How cool!

Comment by shearedbliss

So jealous. I forgot it was coming out till I went to the bookstore today to get the zombie novel we’re reading for book club, and wandered over to the lit section because “didn’t she have a new novel coming out sometime?” and there it was, and I immediately bought it. I have no idea if she came here for a signing. Guessing not. Nobody comes here. Boo.

Anyway. Awesome for you. 😀

Comment by sylverling

[…] author, book, Diana Gabaldon, Knitting, Outlander, signing, sock, Tattered Cover, The Exile, wip It’s that time of year again.  You know, the time of year when I confuse an award-winning, best-selling author by making her […]

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