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Things I’ve Learned as a Homeowner
October 6, 2009, 11:34 am
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Do not replace a shower head at 11:30 at night unless you have teflon tape in your hand.  No, knowing that you own teflon tape does not count.  Having seen teflon tape somewhere around the house just the week before doesn’t count.  You must actually be in physical contact with the teflon tape before unscrewing the old shower head.  This rule applies doubly if you only have one functioning shower in the house.  If you choose to break this rule, be sure that you are familiar with the location of the nearest store selling teflon tape that is open 24 hours.


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The same goes for putting up miniblinds and drilling holes for hollow wall anchors. Be sure that you have spackle on hand for repairing plaster when it crumbles around your newly drilled hole, plus hollow wall anchors that actually fit. Ain’t homeownership fun?

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

Yeah, at least a hole in your wall doesn’t prevent you from getting ready for work in the morning. Unless it’s a hole all the way through to the outside or something, then you probably need more than spackle . . .

Comment by shearedbliss

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