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WiP Wednesday
November 5, 2009, 12:38 am
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Hey look, knitting!  I do that sometimes.  Sometimes I even blog about it.

Yup, real knitting alright – double pointed needles, stitch markers, row counter, stitch holder, and everything.  And, um, yeah, it’s pink.  You see, like everything else I’m working on right now, it’s a gift so I can’t spill too many details.  My knitting posts should get a little more informative in January.  I think I can safely tell you that it’s my own naturally hand dyed fingering weight wool yarn (clicky the Etsy link over to the left to see more of it), dyed with cochineal, and knit on US size 1 needles.  Ok, back to doing mysterious knitterly things with pink yarn.

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Oooooh, cochineal dying, I haven’t done that in years. Pretty, pretty colour! I look forward to hearing more about it…

Comment by Leslie

Mmm . . . I love me some pink bugs. I love the surreal color you can get from them and I love icking people out with them. Like the time I made the news anchor woman think she was eating bugs on live TV . . .

I am a sick, twisted person.

Comment by shearedbliss

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