Sheared Bliss

What I Did This Weekend:
November 23, 2009, 12:07 am
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(with lots of help from CodeMonkey and MommaCodeMonkey)

  • Helped PioneerJ teach a class on basket weaving
  • Ransacked the costume closet at the museum
  • Bought curtain fabric
  • Sealed up the giant heat sucking tube of frigidness (i.e. the swamp cooler) so we can at least pretend that we’re not heating the outdoors
  • Hung one pair of curtains
  • Hung one set of vertical blinds
  • Cat-proofed my office
  • Changed the direction of the doors on the refrigerator (now they open in the kitchen instead of in the dining room)

What I did not do this weekend:

  • Bake
  • Go to spinning group
  • Work on any of my sewing projects
  • Knit anything

What made me happy this weekend:

I found a couple of things that just make my little dorky heart jump for joy.

More on these later, I think.


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That’s a McLeod tartan, I am thinking and a CORSET, kewlio

Comment by Leslie

Ooh, it’s an actual tartan? I thought it was just eye-crossingly garish.

Comment by shearedbliss

You also learned how to use a circular saw (without loss of any appendages), put up towel bars, installed door stops, and laughed at a poor kitty whose ear was disturbed by Grandma. Poor kitty!

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

No wonder I’m exhausted. I think the kitty’s ears are better, but today was the worst day ever. Shrub hates plumbers.

Comment by shearedbliss

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