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WiP Wednesday
February 17, 2010, 8:51 pm
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Five days into the Knitting Olympics and I’ve made a fair amount of progress.  In fact I’d say I’m very nearly half way done.  What is it?

A stylish hat perhaps?

With a bun hole?

Hm, perhaps not . . .


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I made eight of those for Christmas! And wore many of them as hats.

Comment by Lynn

Hahahahaha! I’m soooo glad I’m not the only one. There’s just something about ridiculously large knitting that begs to be worn on one’s head.

Comment by shearedbliss


Comment by Leslie

What? You don’t believe that it’s a spiffy new hat?

Comment by shearedbliss

do you get points for creativity??
are there required technical elements??
are there any rules to the knitting olympics?
which even are you entering????

Comment by Sandy N

does volume count???
if so how about something fushia. . . . .

Comment by Sandy N

Hilarious. I just found a picture of the first had that I knitted that I was afraid to do decreases on. I’m technically not in the knitting olympics, but I might make myself the hat that Lindsey Vonn is wearing!

Comment by sarahstephens

no, i would not believe it. try again. what about something big and fuchsia?????

is this something for Shrub?

Comment by Sandy N

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