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Hang it all!
March 24, 2010, 5:22 pm
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That’s what MommaCodeMonkey and I did this weekend.  We hung a bulletin board.

We hung a mirror and a dust-buster.

We made a bookcase.

And by “made” I mean “put together out of a box from Target.”

We even hung stuff for my garden.

Which, um, made a lot more sense this weekend when it was sunny and 65º than it does today when there’s a foot of snow on the ground.  Hooray for spring in Colorado!

And now, since it’s Wednesday and since I’m too tired from snow-blowing to have anything else to say, have a WiP.

Socks go amazingly fast when you knit them on size 2.5 needles rather than size 0.


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Love that sock yarn, what Brand and Colourway is it?

I know, right? I was getting the pots ready for the tomatoes and lettuces, now I can’t see them for the snow.

Comment by Leslie

It’s Cascade Fixation in colorway 9674.

Luckily I only have peas planted under all that snow so hopefully they’ll be ok. I want to do tomatoes and some herbs too, but I think I’ll wait a bit on those.

Comment by shearedbliss

Our (indoor) garden now consists of: green peppers, red peppers, crazy peppers (all producing actual peppers!!), 2 tomato plants, corn, okra, potato, strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, romaine lettuce, and green beans. Um, yeah. We do have a new outdoor garden space, so once it stops being stupid cold, we’ll plant out there. Oy!

Comment by sarahstephens

That sounds awesome! I’m jealous. I want to get a big garden going right away, but I’m trying to be realistic this year and just plant a few things.

Comment by shearedbliss

I totally love the climbing pea solution!

Comment by Amy from work

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