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Wow, where did the last week go?  My only excuse is that it was National Volunteer Appreciation Week which makes for a super busy week at work when you work with volunteers.  Then MommaCodeMonkey and I did a bunch of work around the house this weekend and I’m basically too tired to move.  So while I’m being exhausted and boring, here are some pictures of the Sheep to Shawl event at the museum last weekend.

Here's the before shot.

And the after shot.

And a gratuitous shot of Daisy in the background with a thoroughly nonplussed ewe in the foreground.

I spent most of the day dyeing yarn with PioneerV and PioneerJ.

The root of the madder plant gives lovely oranges and reds.

Yellow from marigold flowers, fuchisa from cochineal, and orange from madder.


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Oooh, more to come?

Comment by Leslie B.

MommaCodeMonkey was also too tired to move, which is why she stopped at Starbucks before her drive home. Yea, coffee!

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

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