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WiP Wednesday
May 19, 2010, 10:21 pm
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My current mindless knitting:

It’s a Mason-Dixon Buttonhole Bag in Patons Classic Wool in Peacock and Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset.  The yarn is smaller than what the pattern calls for so I’m doubling all of the stitch counts.  It’s a good thing it’s pretty mindless because I’m working on a deadline and most of my knitting time lately seems to coincide with my Lost watching time (CodeMonkey and I are working our way thorough the series on DVD).  This is perfect TV knitting, except for when they speak Korean and I have to read subtitles . . .


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I had no idea anyone else out there was doing this. My husband and I just started watching Lost on Netflix a few weeks ago (they have it on streaming video) and I’ve been knitting the Razor Cami (it’s on Ravelry) while watching it. We just got into season 4, I think. Where are you? I’m exceedingly glad we didn’t have to wait for each episode – we can watch 6 episodes in a sitting on the weekend. Anyway, it’s a neat coincidence!

Comment by tickleslordchaos

We’re only on season two. CodeMonkey got through season four on his own before we started watching it together from the beginning. It’s kind of annoying because every time I wonder about something he gets all smug and smirk-y and won’t tell me anything.

Comment by shearedbliss

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