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Wow, only a week left until summer is officially over.  I guess I’d better finish my summer catch-up.  The final big thing we did this summer was a family vacation.  CodeMonkey, his parents, and I all went to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons together.  They’d all been before, but it was my first time and it was awesome!

We saw mountains:

And waterfalls:

And thermal features:

And interestingly colored water:

And flora:

And fauna:

And vistas:

And . . . you know what?  I took over 900 pictures.  You can see the rest of them over at my Flickr page if you want.


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That ground squirrel tried every trick in its repertoire trying to get a bite of my oatmeal cookie, even chattering at me when licking my arm didn’t work.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

But it sure was cute! It definitely had more tricks up its furry little sleeve than the two ground squirrels that we saw at the top of inspiration point.

Comment by ShearedBliss

I haven’t ever been there. I’m jealous. I should go.

Comment by knittehkitteh

Love it! Pic 100_7013 is my FAVORITE… Did you see this barn?

Or go to Mormon Row? Dying to get back there now it’s a historic park. Saw it when I was little – that image was the view from the house my Grandpa grew up in.

Comment by montecelery

Way cool barn! We didn’t see it, but I think that was the one my FIL was looking for. He read about a really picturesque old barn in one of his photography magazines and all we could find is the one that I have pictures of. No Mormon row either – we were kind of burnt out by the time we got to Tetons. We did go on a raft trip down the Snake River which was cool, but I don’t have pictures of it because I didn’t want to drop my camera in the water. Saw a moose there.

Comment by ShearedBliss

This one’s across from (or part of?) Mormon Row. So sorry you were burnt out by then… you almost made it! Rafting sounds like fun though. And moose are definitely cute. In a weird, awkward way.

Comment by montecelery

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