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February 21, 2011, 11:35 pm
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A conversation with any coworker last week:

Coworker: Hey ShearedBliss, have any plans for the weekend?

Me: Oh yeah, I’m smoking –

Coworker: Heh heh

Me: Meat!  I’m smoking meat!

Coworker: *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Me: *sigh*

Smoking may be a filthy habit, but it does yield some tasty goodness.  The museum used to have an actual smokehouse, but it sadly burned down several years ago.  Now they have a smoke barrel which works pretty well.

The barrel in the foreground is the smoker.  There’s a brick lined pit underneath it (you can sort of see it to the left of the bottom of the barrel) where you build a hardwood fire.  The barrel can be moved on or off the pit for more or less heat and the bucket to the far left of the picture has wood chips soaking in water that can be added to the fire to make more smoke.

We smoked chickens this weekend.

They turned out great (despite the fact that one chicken took a bit of a tumble into the fire pit)  and went home with some lucky pioneers.

We also smoked several racks of lamb (which I apparently failed to get a picture of) for our midday meal which also included biscuits, plum butter, brandied peaches, mashed parsnips, beans, and cherry and vanilla custard parfaits for dessert.


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Yum! Sounds kind of like the food in the series of novels I’m reading. On #5 now.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

You’re going to get through the whole series twice before I even get through it once. I’m on #5 too.

Comment by ShearedBliss

I tend to ignore things that maybe I shouldn’t, so I just plow through. PapaCodeMonkey is tolerant.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

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