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WiP Wednesday
July 20, 2011, 10:21 pm
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20 Weeks - Halfway There!


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AAAGH! You can’t be halfway there yet! Where is the summer going? Your baby present isn’t halfway there yet! (Ok, it will be soon, but…) 😉 Really- I’m so excited! Looking forward to meeting little Wip, in his/her own time, of course.

Comment by MonteCelery

I know, the halfway thing is kind of freaking me out too.

Comment by ShearedBliss

Whoa. We do need to catch up. When can I come visit you?

Comment by April Crabtree

No kidding! When are you going to be out west? I’m going to be a little busy in December . . . 😉

Comment by ShearedBliss

Haven’t seen you in so long, that I know it will be a shock to the system! Spinning group has been moving along with some new people. Today we had 6! Hope you are feeling well and we all get to pat the baby bump, right?

Comment by Liz

Glad to hear the group is going strong. I’m looking forward to being back in August. Bump patting is certainly allowed. I should give a prize to the first person who can feel the baby. I’ve been feeling it for nearly a month now, but no one else has been able to yet.

Comment by ShearedBliss

Does the prize go to CodeMonkey?

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

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