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Maternity Monday

Here’s a helpful little pregnancy tip: If you’re feeling a little bit bummed about your modern maternity clothes, try wearing some 1890s maternity clothes for a while.

Flattering, no?  I got to wear this lovely circus tent of a wrapper at the Denver County Fair where the Littleton Museum was invited to do a reprise of our fashion show from last year.  As I’m not really in a position to wear the wedding dress or bathing costume right now, I got to model the maternity wear and tell the following story:

“My dear husband and I live far out on the prairie where there isn’t a tree to be seen for miles.  As you can imagine, this makes finding fuel to heat our house in the winter a bit difficult.

Well, two summers ago, Husband started worrying about this very problem.  He knew it would be important to keep the house warm for the coming winter because we had two babes and we were expecting the stork to make another delivery any time.  He decided to make the seventeen mile journey to Mule Creek to bring back a load of wood.  He left early in the morning, hoping to be back before dark.

Just as the wagon rolled out of sight, I realized that the stork, being an unpredictable sort of bird, had decided to make his delivery that day.  We have no neighbors within several miles and no doctor to call so I knew I had to get ready to welcome the little stranger myself.

I drew a fresh bucket of water from our 60 foot well.  I laid out the baby clothes, scissors, and everything else I might need.  I made bread and butter sandwiches and set out milk for the two older babies and told our dog Rover to watch them.

At about noon the stork left a fine baby boy.  It took me some time to get him cleaned up and dressed as I fainted several times, but when Husband arrived home at dusk we were ready to greet him.  He was glad to meet his new son and very proud of the big load of wood that he had gathered.  This year, I’ve advised him to start gathering wood a bit sooner.”

Based on the true story of Mrs. A. S. Lecleve in Rice County, Kansas 1873 from Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier by Joanna L. Stratton.

I didn’t have much time to look around the fair, but I’m looking forward to it next year.  It was a smallish fair, but seemed to have a nice mix of all of the things you’d expect at a fair along with some extra special quirkiness because it’s Colorado.

PS: For the record, here’s what I actually looked like at 22 weeks.


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Sorry to say, but except for the length, fashions hadn’t changed much by the early 1980s. At least on the outside.

Comment by MommaCodeMonkey

Yeah, my enormity is helped along by the fact that I’m wearing drawers, a chemise, and three starched petticoats under that thing. Also, I may have been watching a lot of Big Love recently because when Matt saw it his response was “Have you seen the Prophet lately?”

Comment by ShearedBliss

Seriously, that dress (#2) is adorable…and so are you!!

Comment by Sarah

Aw, thanks! I do particularly like that one. The circus tent, not so much.

Comment by ShearedBliss

Matt’s comment (above) cracks me up!!

Comment by Sarah

You look like a super angelic earth mother in the blue dress. The quilt background also helps.

Comment by Nurse K

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