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Three Bags Full
August 29, 2011, 11:08 pm
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You know you have good friends when you ask them to help you pick sheep poo out of wool and they don’t bat an eye.  CoworkerA, Ms. Celery, and NurseK showed up bright and early on Saturday to help me skirt three bags of fleece that had been skulking in my garage for an embarrassingly long time.

The first two bags (the black ones) I knew contained pre-skirted fleeces – one churro and one merino.

The churro was fine except for all of the burrs in it.  We decided that this particular sheep must have gone around sitting on every burdock plant it could find.

The merino was pretty good too – not very cohesive as a fleece, but that’s ok.

Then we broke into the third bag.  This was the mystery bag.  All I knew was that it came from a local museum (not the one I volunteer at), it was supposed to be merino from a not too elderly sheep, it was big, and it was . . . fragrant.  Well, as soon as we dumped it out, we realized why it was so big – it was actually two fleeces.  Then when we rolled out the first fleece we realized why it was so odoriferous – it apparently belonged to a sheep who had a thing for rolling in poo.

Check out those dingleberries.  We were able to salvage maybe a third of it.  Luckily, the second fleece from the mystery bag was much better.

Mmm . . . so fluffy.  And look at this crimp!

So we ended up with four bags full.

Now I just need to get around to taking them to the mill.

PS: For those who worry about such things, I did wear gloves and a mask.


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Yay for wool! Not so much for poo though. 🙂

Comment by CoworkerA

[…] this?  I took the fleeces we skirted back in August to Spring Too Fibers and told Andrew to do whatever […]

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