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FO Friday – Renaissance Edition

The shirts and skirts that MommaCodeMonkey made for me last year still fit (although with rather a lot of judicious tucking going on in the front to take up the extra length that is no longer needed to cover a pregnant belly).  Since typical Renaissance Festival bodices are not particularly practical when it comes to feeding a hungry baby, I’ve been wearing a crocheted green silk vest that is a relic from the vest fad of the mid-nineties, but works surprisingly well.  The two new additions to my wardrobe are in the headwear area.  As befitting a fiber wench, they’re both knitted.

Flat Cap

Pattern: Henry’s Hat from Two Tudor Hats

Yarn: Merino Sheepskin Co.’s Wool Pak 10 Ply in Navy

Notes: I actually knit this last year for CodeMonkey, but when he ended up getting cast as a member of the court instead of a lowly street musician it wasn’t fancy enough so I started wearing it.


Pattern: Milano Snood

Yarn: Hand Maiden’s Sea Silk in Straw

Notes: I knit the band smaller than the pattern calls for to fit my head and I think I fudged the decreases in the crown.


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love the hats!!

Comment by lovemybiracialbabies

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