Sheared Bliss

Sheep To Shawl

Sheep were sheared.

Yarn was dyed.

Pretty things were sold.

SweetP was sweet.

And a good time was had by all.

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You know the “failure” color skein of yarn? Kinda brown, kinda blue? Well, I’d love to get hold of it if possible. Yea, I know, I’m crazy. What’s new?

Comment by Julia

LOL. I’ll ask if it’s available and let you know.

Comment by ShearedBliss

SweetP is very sweet.

I always feel sorry for sheep when they’ve just been shorn, they always look cold.

Comment by azterya

Lucky for the sheep we’re in for a stretch of warm weather. It’s always a bit of a tossup here in April, but this year they lucked out.

Comment by ShearedBliss

And scratch that. We’ve been having ridiculous April snowstorms so the sheep are probably cold.

Comment by ShearedBliss

We too are having crazy weather though we are no longer have snow 🙂

Comment by azterya

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