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Come and Gone

Summer has come and gone and with it another Renaissance Festival season.

CodeMonkey continued his run as the court musician, now with a new and improved doublet.  Also a really snazzy hat made by yours truly.  One of these days I’ll get around to writing a FO Friday post about our hats.

The booth that I work for changed ownership at the end of last season and now belongs to a local potter.  Since I am apparently a strange sort of indentured servant who’s included with the building, I was still there with my yarn.

The rest of the shop was full of absolutely gorgeous handmade pottery.

SweetP was still miraculously able to wear his gowns and overgowns from last year, but over a pair of hose as a shirt and tunic this year.  He was also sporting a brand new made by mommy hat.  He tried his hand as an apprentice spinner . . .

. . . and an apprentice potter . . .

. . . but mostly he liked seeing the sights from the best seat in the house.

And now SweetP and I are off on an adventure to the grandparents’ house for a couple of weeks.  Maybe I’ll write another blog post again sometime in the next three months 🙂


Happy Easter

This was SweetP’s second Easter, but the first that he was mobile enough to hunt for Easter eggs.  Finding the eggs was exciting and they made interesting noises when he shook them.

The bit about putting them in the basket was a little confusing though.

After we showed him that the eggs were full of tasty things he started to get the picture.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy dyeing up my own basket of goodies.

Gather Lords and Ladies Fair

Come with me to the Renaissance Faire!

Copyright Kristina Iodice

This is what we’re doing with our summer – at least the weekends.

Pomp and Circumstance
May 18, 2009, 9:35 pm
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This past Saturday was MommaCodeMonkey’s graduation so CodeMonkey and I headed down to the Springs for a whole weekend of family fun. CodeMonkey, his Momma, and I headed to graduation early so that MommaCodeMonkey could rehearse and CodeMonkey and I could save seats for the rest of the CodeMonkey Clan.

It was windy.

It was windy.

This seats taken . . . yup, that one too . . . seats taken . . . sorry, taken . . .

This seat's taken . . . yup, that one too . . . seat's taken . . . sorry, taken.

Doesnt she look so smart?

Doesn't she look so smart? I'm so proud of her!

La Familia CodeMonkey

La Familia CodeMonkey

 In addition to all of the graduation festivities, we also did what one does at all good family gatherings – EAT!  Some of us more than others . . .

AuntieCodeMonkey and MommaCodeMonkey thought I was funny for taking pictures of our grocery expedition.

AuntieCodeMonkey and MommaCodeMonkey thought I was funny for taking pictures of our grocery expedition.


You need a lot of groceries . . .

You need a lot of groceries . . .


. . . to make a spread like this!

. . . to make a spread like this!

 One of the best parts of the weekend, though, was that I got to start teaching MommaCodeMonkey to knit!