Sheared Bliss

Now Available at a Yarn Store Near You!

That’s assuming you’re somewhere near the Highlands in Denver.  I’m thrilled to announce that Sheared Bliss Fibers yarns are now available at Wild Yarns.

If you are in fact nearby, you really must go check it out.  It’s an adorable little store with a fantastic selection from a wide variety of local fiber artists.


Happy Easter

This was SweetP’s second Easter, but the first that he was mobile enough to hunt for Easter eggs.  Finding the eggs was exciting and they made interesting noises when he shook them.

The bit about putting them in the basket was a little confusing though.

After we showed him that the eggs were full of tasty things he started to get the picture.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy dyeing up my own basket of goodies.

Two Boxes Full
January 3, 2012, 1:00 pm
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Remember this?  I took the fleeces we skirted back in August to Spring Too Fibers and told Andrew to do whatever he thought best with them.  Fast forward a few months and I get two large boxes in the mail containing this:

Yup, that’s 8 pounds of merino roving and 3.5 pounds of churro roving.

Now, to figure out how to spin while holding a baby . . .

Fiberful Weekend

Well, I seem to be about two weeks behind on everything in my life right now so I guess it’s fitting that I’m writing about the Estes Park Wool Market about a week and a half after it happened.  So, two weekends ago I went up to drool over the fluffy things with Ms. Celery, CoworkerA, and NurseA (who’s in my fiber arts group).  As usual, there were many fluffy animals.

There was also much fluffy shopping goodness and some of it came home with me.

Sheep Tape Measure from Lantern Moon

Frabjous Fibers’ Black Diamond Bamboorino Top in Redwood Forest from Susan’s Fiber Shop

Neuquen organic merino wool yarn in green/gray colorway from Textiles A Mano

The tape measure and roving were birthday presents from CodeMonkey and the yarn was a birthday present from my Busia.  Thanks, you two!

Hole in my head
August 25, 2010, 11:06 pm
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I need a new hobby like I need a hole in my head.  Good thing this isn’t a new hobby then – just an extension of my existing ones.  I got a loom!

Isn’t it pretty?  I wasn’t exactly looking for a loom, but someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I only know the basics so far, but I’ve already managed to get it warped and produce some fairly respectable fabric.  Here’s my current weaving WiP with my current knitting WiP.

Um, yeah.  “Hello, my name is ShearedBliss and I have a problem with red twill . . .”  Totally unintentional, but kind of funny when I realized I was making almost exactly the same fabric in two different ways.  The weaving is hemp and the knitting is wool.  The knitting stretches, of course, while the weaving doesn’t, and it takes about half an hour to complete one pattern repeat on the knitting while I can do a pattern repeat on the weaving in about five minutes.  It’s an interesting exercise in compare and contrast.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job
June 25, 2010, 11:43 pm
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But the weekend job is pretty awesome!  I get to spin all day.

And wear funny clothes.  I’m working weekends this summer at a charming little fiber arts booth at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

This is Raven End.

Pardon the mess.  This was on one of our cleaning days before the festival opened.

Inside the booth, we have all manner of fibery goodness.

Including some of my yarn.

If you’re at the festival, stop in and say hi.  We have shade, places to sit, and soft things to pet.  We’ll even let you make a rope – what you do with it after is your business.