Sheared Bliss

June 19, 2009, 9:00 am
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Ok, so apparently Some People are feeling little insecure that my tomato is totally kicking their tomato’s butt in the Great Tomato-off.  Rather than simply admit that my tomato is superior to their tomato, Some People have to get all up in my business about how awesome their office is.  Well, if you really want to go there . . . I say, “Bring it!”

The deskular area

The deskular area


Crap-ton of Books

Crap-ton of books


My office could totally take your office, Sarah.  Or at least , you know, bury it in books.  Pay no attention to the inflatable cowboy on the table . . .

I’m going to be away gallivanting about the countryside for the next week.  While I’m gone, might I suggest you draw a giraffe or three?  It’s for a good cause (or at least a random and entertaining one)!