Sheared Bliss

One person’s FO . . .

. . . is another person’s WIP.  I just dropped this pile of freshly dyed blues and greens off at Wild Yarns, ready to go off into the world and be made into beautiful things.

And this has been sent off to the lovely Kim at Maru Designs to become part of a new pattern series she has in the works.


Now Available at a Yarn Store Near You!

That’s assuming you’re somewhere near the Highlands in Denver.  I’m thrilled to announce that Sheared Bliss Fibers yarns are now available at Wild Yarns.

If you are in fact nearby, you really must go check it out.  It’s an adorable little store with a fantastic selection from a wide variety of local fiber artists.

Sheep To Shawl

Sheep were sheared.

Yarn was dyed.

Pretty things were sold.

SweetP was sweet.

And a good time was had by all.

April Showers

I know April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but if the showers happen to be snow showers like we’ve been getting lately then it’s much more useful if they bring brightly colored wool.

I’ve been dyeing up a storm.

There’s fluffy roving in every flavor:

Looks like cotton candy, but it’s better for you – fewer calories, more fiber!

There’s a whole spectrum of sock yarn:

And there’s a rainbow of silks for good measure:

If you’d like to see firsthand how to get these colors and more using all natural dyes (as well as all of the other aspects of fiber processing), come to the Littleton Museum’s Sheep to Shawl event this Saturday.  I’ll be dyeing in the summer kitchen.  Stop by and say hello!

Happy Easter

This was SweetP’s second Easter, but the first that he was mobile enough to hunt for Easter eggs.  Finding the eggs was exciting and they made interesting noises when he shook them.

The bit about putting them in the basket was a little confusing though.

After we showed him that the eggs were full of tasty things he started to get the picture.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy dyeing up my own basket of goodies.

Sheep to Shawl

This past Saturday was the Littleton Museum’s annual Sheep to Shawl event which also happened to be Wiggles’ first history event.  Despite photographic evidence to the contrary, he seemed to enjoy it.  There were lots of new things to look at and new people to flirt with and a new outfit to spit up on.  More on the previously mentioned outfit and the above pictured yarn to come soon.

Denver Handmade Craft Fair

Today was the Denver Handmade Craft Fair.

NurseK and I got there early to set up our booth.  She was selling some of her really stunning crochet creations and I was selling my hand dyed yarn and fiber and handspun yarn.

It was a small fair, but a good first experience as a vendor.  I made a few sales, got to spend a beautiful day in the park with NurseK and LuLu who came to hang out with us for the afternoon, and got a fair amount of spinning done.

I’ll be getting my leftover inventory from the fair posted on Etsy over the next few days so keep an eye on my shop.